Every living thing has a story. Sadly animals can’t tell their story it’s up to us to tell. Attie came from a rescue in the Buffalo NY area.

She was rescued from somebody trying to breed 6 toed Maine Coons. She was in terrible shape – 2 of her siblings died from maltreatment. I found her on Petfinder and her picture reached out to me that she was special. In March of 2003 I drove to Albany NY to get her. On the way back I stopped at my parents place in the Poconos to visit. We had a great time talking and went out to dinner. I went home to Long Island.

The next morning I received a call that my Father passed that morning due to a heart attack. It was because I picked up Attie that I got to spend 1 last dinner with my Father.

For the next 17 years she was my(our) constant companion. She would wait by the window everyday when I came home and look out in the morning as I left.

3 Years ago she got very sick and required constant attention. Dr. Chumbler and her crew did wonders and gave us extra time for which we will always be grateful.
She will be missed.