iphone-screen-grab-copy-300x563Smartphone USERS-THE PET POISON HELPLINE NOW HAS AN APP

Download Pet Poison Help for Information on hundreds of household products and plants that are potentially toxic to pets, and steps to take if a dog or cat is exposed to one of these toxins.  Pet Poison help was created to assist pet owners or veterinarians in quickly identifying potential poisons, recognizing symptoms of potential poisoning, and to allow one-touch direct dialing access to the veterinary professionals at Pet Poison Helpline.

Pet Poison Help will provide you with:

  • *Life-saving access to poison information with one-touch direct dialing to Pet Poison Helpline.
  • *A searchable database of over 250 poisonous plants, foods, medications, and household items, all with pictures.
  • *Descriptions of how specific poisons affect your pet, their alternate common names, and symptoms to watch for.
  • *Instructions on what to do if your dog or cat is exposed to a dangerous substance.
  • *Constant access to poison information-even when you don’t have Internet access.

The application is available for $1.99-4.99, depending on the operating system.