002JJ grew up on the end of a chain, then one day he got off that chain and ran as far as he could. When the animal shelter contacted his previous owner, that guy said keep him, I can’t keep him on a chain. That was because JJ had too much love in his heart to give to someone (me) and he didn’t belong on a chain. He was a social butterfly who never met a stranger. JJ was very quiet. He would never bark even when the whole neighborhood of dogs were barking at something. If he did bark, I knew something was wrong. He did love to chase squirrels. He loved to go for car rides, he didn’t care if it was just around the block, it still made him happy.One of his favorite things was to get his back messaged, from his neck down to his tail. Him and I used to go swimming out to Lake Hartwell. It was hard to get him to get out of the water. But one thing he didn’t like was getting a bath! He didn’t mind going to the Vet, especially if Dr Johnson was there to greet him, give him a hug, and message his back for him. I really appreciated the love Dr Johnson gave him, she made it so much easier to watch JJ walk away from me with her. I knew he was in the best possible hands he could be in. Thank you Dr Johnson for all your caring and love.