Discovered eating our garbage and quietly claimed our home and hearts.

Befriended Blackie, brought him home, and was right behind him (watching) in a cat fight.

Showed his generosity by sharing live “catches” on the living room rug.

Waited for us to return home and strolled slowly across the driveway (right in front of the vehicle) to let us know that he was impatiently waiting.

Followed the dogs on neighborhood walks keeping pace right behind.

Loved deli turkey and ran to the fridge whenever the door opened.

Watched cars and people from the driver’s side window on long road trips to Florida.

Claimed a spot on the recliner surrounded by dogs.

Monitored the neighborhood dogs from the perimeter of their electronic fence.

Acknowledged his name by making eye contact and responded to calls , when he felt like it.

Our sweet golden boy who left our lives too soon.