IMG_2260It was a sunny day in 1999 when I saw this black furball chasing two little boys down the street. This is how I found my Marzy. He had been living homeless on the front stoop at a local hardware store. I called him to me from the street, and he immediately stopped running after those boys and came to me. A quick call to check with my landlord and I piled him in my car to go show him off to all my friends. I’ll never forget his first ride!! Marz sat so proud in that passenger seat, tall enough just to peek over the dash, curious as to where we were going. He didn’t care I drove a $200, junky, 1976 Nova. Later, I realized he didn’t care I lived in a little 4 room house either. He wanted a home of his own and boy, did he find it! Through every major event in my life over the next 15 years, there was my Marz. He was with me through numerous job changes, moving, marriage, remodeling, depression, having a baby…you name it. Every emotional adventure that one can have in 15 years, Marz was with me. He was truly MY FIRST DOG!! Marz learned to shake within minutes, learned to sit even quicker, he would do tricks knowing how very impressed I was. I fell head over heels with this dog more and more as the years went on. And as they went on, they passed faster and faster. At 15, Marz was diagnosed with cancer, a kick to the gut that I just was not expecting. After all, my Marz was supposed to outlive me. Making our final decision was tough. He had gotten too sick. His passing was the most peaceful, heart-wrenching thing ever. Saying goodbye to my sweet boy was devastating. I look at your pictures often, buddy. I can still feel the softest fur behind your ears when I close my eyes. I miss you all the time. If you had the pleasure of meeting my man, consider yourself lucky…he was an amazing friend.