Donna-OreoI adopted Oreo during my freshman year of vet school in Athens, GA. He was a round little rolly polly that I quickly fell in love with. He quickly turned into a giant boy who liked to dig up my potted plants . He also occasionally would run through the neighborhood and return with miscellaneous things like six packs of beer, work boots and deer carcasses. I loved him even more! After I got married and moved into a small apartment, he went to live with “granny”, my mom. One day she called me and said Oreo just wasn’t acting right so she took him to our vet. He was diagnosed with antifreeze poisoning. We had no idea how he had come in contact with the poison as he was kept in a fenced yard and only walked on a leash. After several days of aggressive treatments, we realized he wasn’t going to get well. Oreo’s kidneys had shut down, which is the main cause of death in antifreeze poisoning. We made the agonizing decision to put him to sleep. I cried for days it seemed. I will never forget the pain I felt that day. I know that experience has helped me in my career; twenty years later, I still have tremendous empathy for our clients who have to make that decision. I have such admiration and respect for those who can walk through those dark times with their furry loved one. Oreo, thank you for your wonderful, funny spirit and for teaching me how to love through the hardest times. I still miss you!