“Have to give yall a big shout out! Thank you so much. This is the best place with REALLY concerned doctors and tech’s. You were not only concerned about Spot, but me too, helping me to and from the car with her. I have NEVER had a doctor help me to the car with Spot before. AMAZING! We will NEVER go anywhere else. I’m getting ready to post a note on my facebook so all my friends with pets can come to see you. Thanks again.”



“There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for everything you all do.  This truly is not just a business but a ministry and this shines through!  The compassion you not only expressed to Snowball but to her whole family is amazing!  I thank you deeply for helping us through such a hard time.  But I can know that Snowball will live on in our hearts and our wonderful memories.  Thank you again and I know Snowball thanks you for making her eternally better!”

Dana Heatherly


“Dear Donna, Craig, and all of the wonderful staff there,
Tom and I want to thank you for the lovely lily plant-we actually placed it in our great room where Chloe’s bed had been.  It is lovely and a bittersweet reminder of our girl.  We got Chloe to “replace” our eldest when he left for college.  She journeyed with us through 7 graduating from college, 5 getting married, and 8 grandchildren being added to the family.  She also had 5 puppies who continue her legacy from Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.  Moving her at her age and finding the perfect place for us was a worry.  How fortunate we were to have found you!  Your love for the beloved pets in your care is so evident and such a comfort to not only 4 legged creatures, but also to their owners.  We are blessed to have had your care for Chloe and will be forever grateful for lovingly watching over her.”

Mary Sue and Tom Helfrich


“Wow….Thank you so much for the beautiful peace lily.  I have it in a pot that is sitting right by the window where Macy use to sit to wait for David to home at night.  How do I ever thank you for the kindness you showed me with my decision about Macy.  You made me feel so much better about my decision and I really appreciate you listening, really listening to what I was struggling with.  Your compassion and support were so comforting.  I will be eternally grateful.  I am so grateful for your staff who have ALWAYS made me feel as if I were their one and only client.  I never worried about dropping Macy off to stay as I knew that she would be loved and cared for just as if she were at home.  I don’t know how you have been able to create a team of such special people but you have!  I don’t know if I will ever have another pet….I am sure that hurt will heal and I probably will, but I can assure you that if and when I do…Creature Comforts and you, Dr. Lambert will be our choice for pet care.  My life is so much better for having had the opportunity to know all of you.  Thank you for loving Macy!”



“It has been almost two weeks since the passing of our precious Popeye, and the days are very lonely for my husband and myself.  Me having grown up with many animals and my husband never having had the wonderful experience of being a pet owner are over whelmed by our experience with you and your staff.  Although I have always had my pets leave naturally, and have never had to make the decision we did on that Wednesday,  I had the wonderful experience of holding our baby (she was 2 months short of 15, but will always be our baby) in my arms for 4 1/2 hours while she had seizures and when it was time to send her to a better place.  Popeye was the type of dog that never really liked to be held in your arms, I so often wished she was a lap dog, but Popeye was who she was and we loved her all the same.  When it was time, and when we made the decision we were accompanied by 3 of our closet friends.  I don’t think Don and I could have gone through this without them.  We also want to say that this experience as unpleasant and upsetting as it was, was handled in such a way by you and your staff, from Craig’s prayer to Dr. Donna’s soft voice and concern, taking the time to explain what was about to happen, and to dear Penny taking the time to come out and talk to us and offer to give us a clipping of her hair and telling us about “Rainbow Bridge” which I had never heard of.  You all took the worst of days and made it as special as one could expect of a very sad day for all of us.  We know Popeye is in a better place and being Christians we should be good with that, but being humans and selfish we want her here with us and miss her very very much.  This we know will take time and time heals all.  So once again, let us say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being who you are, and seeing and doing the best for our girl over the years.  You are a very special group of people…you have to be, to see and do what you all do everyday for our pets.  I don’t know if Don and I will ever have another dog, (we still have our Gracie) our hearts ache too much but as I said earlier “time heals all”  Thank you again and God Bless all of you

Don and Blanch McLaughlin


“Great place to take your furry family member. Everyone is so friendly. Will be trying out the Resort facilities next month, hope my little one likes it!”

Kathy Finn


“Their staff do a WONDERFUL job taking care of your pets. They truely care and treat them as they were their own!”

Neal Vestal


“Anyone that knows my little Harleymeister knows he can be a handful. But at Creature Comforts he is loved on all day! When we drive up to their establishment he knows he’s going to have a fun day of frolicking with his friends and seeing hi…s “human” friends as well. All of their staff are loving and kind, just what our 4-legged friends need when their away from mommy and daddy! If you have a pet and are in need of day care (camp, as they call it!) or are in need of an overnight stay, give them a try. They’re the best!!!”

Pennie Wilhelm


“Buddy apparently had a blast staying with you all this week. He has been under my bed sound asleep since we brought him home. He comes out to eat and goes right back! Thanks so much for making our time away worry free! Watching him having fun on the web cam made all the difference to my daughter. The only problem is NOW we have to go buy him a pool! Ha! Thanks again, the peace of mind was wonderful!”

Shay Worley


“Everyone at the Child Development Program, just loved your visit yesterday morning.  The children just loved everything you talked about and especially when you bandaged up their stuffed animals from snakes, elephants, bears, dogs, and unicorns to even a fish!  The cute thing ws if they didn’t bring an animal you put a bandage on their finger to make them feel included-how nice!  All of the teachers and supervisors told me how great your visit was.  I’ve even had parents tell me that their child came home talking about Lily and what a cutie she is.  Lily was a huge hit and I thank you soo much for bringing her.  Craig, you and Donna are awesome and I’m so happy that Creature Comforts is doing well.  Keep up the great work!”

Thank you again from all the staff at Regional CDP