Creature Comforts “Life” Training Program

We are dedicated to improving the quality of your relationship with your dog!

Each dog will be evaluated as an individual by our on-site Trainer, Chad Goode. Chad spent 16 years in the Department of Defense professions and reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy. He has instructed Military Working Dogs and has achieved certifications in Master Trainer, Search and Rescue and All Scent Work as well as many others.

A program will be reviewed with the client to ensure that any problematic behavior such as jumping or pulling will be addressed.

Each training schedule includes;
4 days of Day Camp (a $100.00 value)
4 training sessions with your dog here during Day Camp (a $350.00 value)
4 training sessions with Client and Trainer on Wednesday evenings @6pm (a $350.00 value)

Cost per dog $350.00 in-stead of $572.00

Please see our receptionist or give us a call to schedule Day Camp and Training schedule!