Doggie DayCamp Release Form

DayCamp Release Form Valid for One Year

VACCINATIONS I understand my pets must be current on their annual Physical Exam and the following vaccinations: distemper, parvovirus, rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and fecal (intestinal parasite exam). If my pet has been vaccinated at another hospital or clinic, I understand CCVRS must receive a copy of my pet’s vaccine records before my pet can participate in camp. Should I opt NOT to receive vaccine reminders from CCVRS, I understand that I am responsible for keeping up with my pets’ required vaccines, as some veterinary clinics require boosters and/or fecal analysis at different times. CCVRS follows the AAHA guidelines and requires that all dogs in group housing environments be vaccinated against kennel cough (bordetella) every 6 months. I understand that if my dog has not received a bordetella vaccine in over a year, there is a 5 day waiting period after receiving this vaccine before my pet will be eligible to participate in camp.

CONTAGIOUS DISEASE I understand that if my pet is coughing, having diarrhea, or not feeling well, they will not be eligible to participate in camp. I understand that my pets must be free of symptoms for at least 2 weeks prior to coming to camp.

SICKNESS/INCIDENTS WHILE DAYCAMPING I understand that there are risks involved, including scrapes and cuts, which are commonplace due to the nature of dog play. More serious injuries cannot be predicted but I am aware harm or loss could come to my pet due to the unpredictable nature of animal play. I understand if my pet causes harm to another pet, I may be responsible for any medical charges that occur for the other pet.. Creature Comforts has the right to determine my level of financial responsibility, as each incident is different. If an emergency should arise, CCVRS will do their best to contact me but in the event they cannot, I authorize CCVRS to approve any medical treatment recommended by a veterinarian. I agree to reimburse CCVRS for all expenses incurred due to such an event.

DAYCAMP HOURS Our daycamp hours are 7:30-5:00 with nap time from 11:30-2:00. If a pet is brought in after 10:00, they will not join the play group until 2:00. A 15.00 late fee applies to any pet picked up after 6:30. Excessive late pick-up will result in your pet being temporarily ineligible for daycamp.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES If your pet is receiving any other service such as grooming or veterinary services while in daycamp, please make sure we are notified of this in advance, as sometimes we are not able to accommodate last minute requests.

FLEA/TICK CONTROL Any dog participating in daycamp is required to be on monthly heartworm/flea prevention. Due to the large population of pets using our play yards, we do not accept responsibility if your pet contracts fleas or ticks while here.
I hereby certify that I have read and fully understand this release form.(Required)
This form is valid for one year.