Wellness Care

Wellness Visit Basics

  • Temperature Check
    During the wellness visit, our veterinarian will employ a digital rectal thermometer to ensure your pet’s temperature is within the normal range. Any abnormality could indicate potential health issues, prompting further investigation and preventive measures.

  • Skin and Coat Analysis
    Your pet’s fur is not just for cuddles; it serves as a window into their internal health. Our examination includes scrutiny for signs such as yellow skin, itchy or irritated skin, flakiness, and more. Detecting these issues early allows for targeted and effective interventions.

  • Cardiovascular Health
    Listening to your pet’s heart is a vital part of the wellness check. Despite potential stress, this step helps identify abnormalities such as heart murmurs or diseases. For a more in-depth assessment, our veterinarian may recommend an echocardiogram or ultrasound.

  • Respiratory Evaluation
    Checking your pet’s breathing rate provides insights into their respiratory health. Abnormalities may lead to further diagnostic tests, ensuring prompt intervention and maintaining your pet’s overall well-being.

  • Abdominal Examination
    Vital organs reside in the abdomen, and our veterinarian will carefully assess this area for any irregularities. Lumps, bumps, or discomfort may prompt additional tests, ensuring your pet’s internal systems are in optimal condition.

  • Dental Health Focus
    Dental care often takes a back seat, but our veterinarian will advise on the need for a dental cleaning based on the exam. Regular dental cleanings are crucial to prevent dental diseases, ensuring your pet maintains a healthy smile and fresh breath.

  • Eyes and Ears Check
    Vision and hearing are essential to your connection with your pet. Our vet will assess these senses, checking for any abnormalities. For dogs prone to ear infections, a thorough examination and prescribed medication are part of the wellness visit.

  • Paws and Nails Inspection
    Active pets may encounter paw injuries during playtime. Our veterinarian will examine paw pads and nails for any issues, providing timely attention to prevent discomfort. This is also an opportune time for a nail trim.

  • Vaccination Administration
    To shield your pet from preventable illnesses, our vet will administer necessary vaccinations. Core vaccines protect against diseases like rabies, parvovirus, and distemper. Puppies and kittens undergo a series of booster shots until fully vaccinated, ensuring a robust immune system.

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