Pet Memorials

At Creature Comforts, we understand that pets are family..

The passing of a pet unites all of us in shared grief. In the grieving process, we take comfort in the memories and the joy of the lives we shared. We want you to have a place to honor your loyal companion. We would be honored for you to make an online tribute to preserve your family member’s biography in words and pictures.

Grab some tissues and follow our template… hugs from us all.

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Attie 12/30/2019

Every living thing has a story. Sadly animals can't tell their story it's up to us to tell. Attie came from a rescue in the Buffalo NY area. She was rescued from somebody trying to breed 6 toed Maine Coons. She was in terrible shape - 2 of her siblings died from...

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Bonita 10/19/2019

We adopted our sweet girl from Spartanburg Humane Society when she was 10 months old. She has been an excellent companion and family member for all her 13 years here with us. She has happily traveled by car to NC, GA & FL on numerous trips. She loved going on long...

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Shortman 07/11/2019

Thank you for the 14 years you gave to us Shortman. You were the best boy ever. God called you home. But God told me I will see you again. My Angel, We love you. Be at peace

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Sammy 03/29/2019

Thanks to Creature Comforts care we got an extra five years with our beloved guy. Sammy picked me from the shelter when he was a tiny kitten and we spent over 16 years together. There aren’t adequate words for what he means and all the unconditional love he gave and...

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Willow 01/28/2019

Our Willow came to be with us at just 5 weeks old. We bottle fed her goats milk for several weeks, which created such a unique bond. She began almost immediately getting socialization skills at her favorite Day Camp, Creature Comforts. She grew into an amazingly sweet...

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Nipsy 09/20/2018

We lost our precious Nipsy last month and the staff here was just wonderful. Thanks for your compassion and care for Nipsy over the years. Nipsy was blind for her last few years as well as a diabetic but with the help of Creature Comforts she lived like a normal dog...

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Jasmine 09/18/2018

My baby girl gained her wings on September 18,2018 she was 14 years old. She was my best friend her whole life. Jasmine will be greatly missed and always in my heart.

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Zadie 01/11/2018

My sweet Zadie became an angel on 1/11/18. Loosing her broke me in two. After a few weeks I finally came to realize that we were so lucky to have been able to love her for the 9 1/2 years of her life. I read some where once that peoples lives here on Earth are so much...

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Kani Raven 11/17/2016

Rescued Kani Raven from the sidewalk at the Spartanburg County Health Department where I was employed. Brought her home and she greeted her new friend ,a German Shepherd dog, Fritz Shane (1999-2011). They were very close. Kani Raven was a fearless cat with sweet...

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Keiki 10/11/2016

KEIKI Discovered eating our garbage and quietly claimed our home and hearts. Befriended Blackie, brought him home, and was right behind him (watching) in a cat fight. Showed his generosity by sharing live "catches" on the living room rug. Waited for us to return home...

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JJ 01/12/2016

JJ grew up on the end of a chain, then one day he got off that chain and ran as far as he could. When the animal shelter contacted his previous owner, that guy said keep him, I can't keep him on a chain. That was because JJ had too much love in his heart to give to...

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Chunk 08/19/2015

Chunk came into my life at six weeks old. He passed from this earth at age 11yrs. I loved him so. He was able to learn words very easily & he would get SO excited when you mentioned pizza. Chunk loved his tennis ball & enjoyed popping water balloons. He hardly...

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Mr Sampson 02/26/2015

Sad news coming from the Richardson's New Texas Home 2-26-2015. Last Thursday morning Sampson's pain in his hips and the continuing hard time for him to walk came to an end. He was a great fighter but the pain finally starting showing when we got up this morning....

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Free 11/15/1989

This is a bad picture but this is Craig's dog, "Free"! She came into my life when I was 4, a sheltie-mix with a bobbed tail. We got her for "free" so I thought "Free" was a great name! My mom said she never felt good calling her name from the door. 🙂 Being a 70s...

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Winston 02/17/2014

We are approaching the one year anniversary of the loss of our Yorkie, Winston. We were blessed to love him for 17 years. He was full of personality, spunk and always had the best kisses to share! We miss him so very much. Dr. Donna and the staff at Creature Comforts...

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Patches 08/13/2014

Patches was lucky enough to be born under a palm tree in Florida. At age one, he decided he wanted to live with us. For 17 more years he enjoyed his life relaxing in a sun-kissed lanai around the pool and then moved to Rainbow Lake in Boiling Springs. He moved once...

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Marz 05/16/2014

It was a sunny day in 1999 when I saw this black furball chasing two little boys down the street. This is how I found my Marzy. He had been living homeless on the front stoop at a local hardware store. I called him to me from the street, and he immediately stopped...

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Cookie 12/10/2011

My Cookie has been gone over 3 years and I still think of him every day. He was the sweetest boy he wasn't but 6 or 7 years old when he passed unexpectedly. But I know I'll see him again one day. And until then he will be laying in the sun and rolling around on his...

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Oreo 10/05/1992

I adopted Oreo during my freshman year of vet school in Athens, GA. He was a round little rolly polly that I quickly fell in love with. He quickly turned into a giant boy who liked to dig up my potted plants . He also occasionally would run through the neighborhood...

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